Monday, January 18

Gucci Feat. Pharell Williams - Soldier (Snippit)

Saturday, January 9

Drake - Zone (Produced by JUSTICE League)

^^^ Off the new Evil Empire shit.

Murph - Money In My Pocket

(R.I.P. Still Snappin' Necks Tee)

New Curren$y - Smash On O'Leary

No, no, no! Jordan is not a lifestyle brand!

This is cringeworthy. (Jordan L'Style One)

Parkour motion reel... Whaaaaat!?

If Jay-Z doesn't get video of the year, I go on strike.

^^^ The new video for Young Forever.

Iphone 2.0 with videochatting.

^^^ That shit is disgustingly tight.

See-Through Laptop by Samsung

^^^ I mean, that shit tight, but why? Nigga cause it's balla!

This is gonna be the greatest movie ever.

^^^ Bitch Slap is the thinking man's sexploitation film, which means big tits, fast action, and a tight plot... basically the ultimate man's movie. You GOTTA watch this trailer. It came out yesterday but only in certain cities at certain theaters. LA natives can go see it at the Nuart in West LA.